About us


Hong Shing Machinery Enterprise LTD is one of the leading manufacturers for plywood machine in Taiwan was founded in 1999. Hong Shing started from international trade. Through the years, General Manager Su has proved himself a visionary in the plywood industry – he recognized a demand increasing in the global market and took the directly change of business strategy. Hong Shing began manufacturing the plywood equipment in 2003 and successfully bring the Servo System into Automatic Veneer Core Composer.

Although we met the financial crisis in 2008 result in the worse global economy, Hong Shing worked hard in research and develop and positively extend business, gradual obtain and increase the customer's trust. At the time, we are appointed by many of well-known companies, especially in India、Indonesia、Malaysia、Bangladesh、Ghana and Ivory Coast…etc.

Our Persistent Principle

Quality · Efficiency · Enthusiasm
We are aggressively engaged in research and development of high quality equipment to reduce investment cost and increase production efficiency. With professional concepts, we provide not only the technology but the after sale service you expect.

Rational Concept

The ideas of our company :A meticulous scheming, a well-knit production, a cautious way of work construction, a real grasp of the progress of project, a complete after-sales service, present a grand international view by joining the hands and hearts together of the enterprise system with a administration philosophy of pluralism.


If you have any inquiries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you!