Scarf Jointer can automatically cut the rhombus arises during the period of air-drying into
right angles with high precision of cutting, high suitability, tidy cut sides, long-service-life abrasive band,
and stable service. This machine fully eliminates the defect of veneer quality and strength. By using this
machine, you may achieve the integration of single plate, greatly improving the quality of core board with high value increment.  The mechanical design not only improve utility rate but also increase profit.


Press HS-P
The purpose of hot-press splices is to splice two core boards with basically the same thickness
 and width, and one end diagonally abraded, into one core board, bringing the integration of single
 board.  This machine, characterized by its work steadiness, big stitching force, automatic abutting
 joint, and time self-control, is a necessary equipment to produce qualified products in veneer industry.


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