1.Sturdy, frame construction assures vibrationless , heavy-duty operation at all times.
2.High production realized owing to heavy cut and fast feed Three head top sander is provided 
 with serrated steel contact drum for the lst head, serrated rubber contact dyum for the 2nd 
 head and polishing platen for the 3rd head. Bottom sander with one or two heads depending 
 on panel conditions is provided with serrated rubber contact drum for the 1st head. 
3.Improved polishing platen head with larger diameter high speed rolls and higher abrasive belt
 speed in order to get more smoothly finished surface.
4.Larger service opening of feeding table for easy maintenance.
5.Feed system with larger horsepower motor, controlled by inverter.
6.Electronic digital read-out for accurate adjustment of thickness opening and quick reference.
7.Complete with safety devices-Emergency brake stops the machine within 3 seconds in such 
 cases as actuation of abrasivebelt safety sensor and safety limit switch to protect machine 
 from two panel feeding at atine. Also when the safety limitswitch is actuated, feed table opens
 automatically and quickly.
8.Abrasive belt tensioning by air-ride system instead of tension air cylinder. Provided with selector
 switch for quick tension control.


HS-HS48-3R HS-HS48-2R


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