Automatic Plywood Double Saw is designed and manufactured as the up-to-date roll type high-speed automatic double saw to be used in order to fully cope with the increased production of plywood in accordance with the requirements for the high accuracy and high speed.


1.For longitudinal cutting and cross cutting, this machine is provided with 8
 pieces each of precision rolls which are as large as 150mm in diameter,
 making it possible to accurately perform the powerful and high-speed feeding
 of plywood.

2.The air cylinder is installed for the upper-feed roller. Therefore, the uniform
 and stable pressure is given on the plywood for further accuracy in feeding.

3.In order to match the high-speed feeding, the saw shafts revolve at the speed
 as high 7,000r.p.m..The bearings higher in accuracy are used in the precision
 saw shaft cases; the special belts for high speed operation are adopted for the
 driving with motor; and other consideration in detail is also given to the design
 for manufacturing.

4.For deciding the cutting width, the right saw shaft case and the left saw shaft
 case are moved by motor driving at the same time.

5.The auto pusher is installed for automatically feeding the plywood, which is
 cut with the longitudinal cutting saw, at a right angle to the cross cutting saw.


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