(A)1.As to the clipper for clipping green veneer. A motor inverter is used for 
    driving the conveyor whereby it is possible to easily carry out the adjustment 
    of speed. Reversing and quick stop.
   2.Anvil roller protecting device. 
   3.Anvil Pu roller protecting device.
   4.The working speed of knife is as high as approximately 1/20 second per stroke.
   5.The knife holder is made of a light alloy to make the working light. While the 
    end of piston is provided with a damper to minimize the shake at the time of
   6.The knife falls directly on the anvil roller of special material to clip the veneer. 
    This mechanism coupled with the high speed working of knife making the clipper
    highly efficient without stopping the feeding of veneer because it is only a spilt
    second that the knife stops the veneer at the time of clipping.
   7.Fixed-rule transmitter can match speed of delivery for boards and to connect with
    computer for distributing boards to cut in required size accurately.
   8.When delivering boards, electric eye sensor can scan cutting function to front segment 
    and rear segment of middle and bottom board.  
(B)1.Veneer clipping length by digital key-in, It is not to occur any error in size when
    change the feeding speed.
   2.Superfluous edge automatic clip off system.
   3.Automaticlly to determine the number of full piece veneer and display it by counter.
   4.Integrared computer control which can help check the processing situation.


 5 feet Rotary Clipper


   11 feet Rotary Clipper with Double Knives


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