1、Bars made of quality steel specially heat treated to give them extra hardness are employed in the guideway of the bed,
        the mast important part of a grinding machine. This reduces wear to a minmun and guarantees high precision over a
        long period of use.
 2、The bed in which the chuck which holds the knives for grinding lies is box-shaped so that plenty of coolant can be
         effectively applied to the surface of the knives without worry of overflowing or splasing Thesre is nodanger of the
         knives bending or being burned due to excessive heat.
 3、An electromagnetic chuck is used to hold the knives in place. There are no clamps or other attachment devices to cause 
        distortions in shape or bending of the knives. The knives can be easily and quickly positioned accurately for precision
        grinding and just as easily and quickly removed for the next knife.
 4、The grinding wheel is ring-shaped for ease in obtaining the precise desired cutting angle. It is extremely economical
        and easy to use.
 5、All operations are controlled by push-button switches on a compact master control panel conveniently located one
         front side of the machine. No special training or skills are required of the operator. Remote control operation is not
         only simale but in addition much safer.




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