Veneer Roller Dryer HS-RD

A.    The dryer consists of mount of dried veneer those we need, the fan and air cooling fin of heater on each section, the hot steam produced by impeller of heater was sent into the injector wind conduit was installed on the every section.(perpendicularly blew two parts of veneer, therefore the dryer have much high drying speed and efficiency)

B.    When conveying the veneer by each layer, they were separated into(the first、second layer)、(the third、fourth layer)for roller conveying of 2 sections and the gears of them can be conveyed with different speed, in another word:This dryer is able to simultaneously deal with 2 kinds of veneer with different size.(the veneer with different size has change by different drying time for needs)

C.    The natural cooling space is 1M in length between cooling part and heating part and the central part of hot wind part, each cooling division sent cooling air into the wind conduit from outside of the room to rapidly cool the veneer, and discharge air into outside of the room by heat exchanged at any time.


                      HS-4RD-16H/S+3C/S-4610W (BANJARMASIN INDONESIA)


 HS-4RD-9H/S+2C/S-3000W (SURABAYA INDONESIA)            HS-4RD-6H/S+1C/S-4610W (BANGLADESH)


                  HS-4RD-18H/S+4C/S-5300W (SAMARINDA INDONESIA) 


HS-4RD-18H/S+3C/S-4610 (BINTULU MALAYSIA)        



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