8' Semi-Automatic Block Board Composer-Normal HS-NAN-8’

8’Semi Automatic Block Board Composer is designed for the mass production woodworking factory located at cheap labor cost area. It is different with another model of our products“8’ Automatic Block Board Composer”&”16’ Automatic Block Board Composer.

The first procedure of operation is to load the glued and arranged strips, just one piece of board’s quantity at a time, into feeding magazine. There strips will be pressed down gently by pneumatic bar, and then pushed into horizontal heating zone by hydraulic push bar. A soild steel plate is provided on the base of machine to insure stable condition under operation and easy installation.

Pushing (feeding) speed is adjustable. The maximum is 45 strokes per minute. The locators, 6';, 7', and 8' erected in feeding magazine, can position the length of product. Meanwhile, a circular saw will cut the over length strips. The rest strips can be used again !

Both upper and lower steam heaters are made of thickened, heat-treated, and planed steel plates, which will not be distorted after a long time of usage. The face of steam heater is extra wide to insure producing smoothly and stably. There are four individual hydraulic Pillars, which can lift the Upper steam heaters.

Therefore, the gap between upper and lower steam heaters can be adjusted separately, according to the thickness of product. Keeping the best contact between steam heaters and strips, the springs areprovided on the back of upper steam heater each.

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